• What is the market and further prospects of HPMC capsules

    HPMC capsule, named vegetarian capsules, using hydroxymethyl-polypropylene cellulose as the main raw material, compared with gelatin empty capsules, has lower moisture and better stability, can avoid cross-linking reaction with drugs, because vegetarian capsules without collagen and carbon, micro...
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  • HPMC Capsule

    Capsules are widely used in medicines, supplement and functional foods with a history of 160 years and are becoming more and more popular, especially HPMC capsules.   Compared with the raw material of gelatin capsule, HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) has good film formation, dispersion, ...
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  • HPMC empty capsule Characteristics and application

    HPMC empty capsule Characteristics and application

    In the hundred year history of capsules, gelatin has always maintained the status of mainstream capsule materials because of its wide sources, stable physical and chemical properties and excellent processing properties. With the increase of people's preference for capsul...
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  • Discussion on the global empty capsule market

    Discussion on the global empty capsule market

    Capsule is one of the ancient dosage forms of drugs, which originated in ancient Egypt [1]. De Pauli, a pharmacist in Vienna, mentioned in his travel diary in 1730 that Oval capsules were used to cover up the bad smell of drugs to reduce the pain of patients [2]. More than 100 years later, pharma...
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  • Plant capsule become the development trend

    Plant capsule become the development trend

    The Economist, a mainstream British publication, declared 2019 the "Year of the Vegan"; Innova Market Insights predicted that 2019 would be year of the plant kingdom, and vegan would be one of the most popular trends this year. At this point, the whole world has to admit...
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